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1. Under the fair use exemption to U.S. copyright law, you are allowed to make a copy of a periodical article for personal use, but it is illegal for you to make additional copies of the article for other people to use.


2. Fair use attempts to balance the intellectual and economic control of the copyright owner with the legitimate need of the public for open access to information and knowledge.


3. The intended purpose of U.S. copyright law is?

to provide an author or publisher with the incentive to produce a work by granting them a limited  monopoly over the use of the work
to dissuade other people from plagiarizing the work
to make authors rich
to insure that authors and publishers make a fair return on the investment of time and money put  into the creation of a work

4. Plagiarism: (Choose all that apply)

is the representation of thoughts or passages from another author as one's own work
renders a student subject to disciplinary action
may result in dismissal from Spring Hill College
is dishonest

5. All of the following are ways to avoid plagiarism, except:

reorder sentences and change descriptive words as you read
document the sources you use
take notes on where you found specific ideas
use quotation marks around exact quotations


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