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1. Which of the following are uses for reference books? (Choose all that apply)

They summarize, digest, or review the literature on a topic
Each is specifically structured to answer certain kinds of questions
They provide important background information to help focus your research questions
They point to literature contained in books, journals, and other publications
2. Which statement is NOT characteristic of a subject encyclopedia?

Articles are produced by recognized scholars
Articles provide an in-depth bibliography
They cover a wide range of knowledge at a basic level
They outline important concepts, issues, and arguments on a topic
3. If you were interested in gaining an understanding of the issues surrounding cloning or stem cell research, which two of the following subject encyclopedias would be most helpful?

Encyclopedia of Human Biology
Encyclopedia of Nursing
Academic American Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics

4. To gain an understanding or background information on the morality of sweatshops, child laborers, and U.S. companies' exploitation of workers in third world nations, which of the following search strategies might you try?
An online catalog subject search:     Nike and encyclopedias
An online catalog subject search:     human rights and encyclopedias
An online catalog subject search:     sweatshops and encyclopedias

5. In addition to providing the definition of a word, an etymological dictionary, like the Oxford English Dictionary, also provides: (Check all that apply)

A history of the word
The date the word first entered the language
Examples of how the word has been used through time

6. Handbooks, companions, histories, and guides seek to provide an intellectual structure that orients a researcher to the most important sources for a given subject.


7. A compilation of citations to books, journal articles, and reports about a particular topic or person is called:

8. Bibliographies: (Choose all that apply)
can be an entire book
can be found at the end of encyclopedia articles
can be found at the end of journal articles
can be found at the end of books
include types of material and dates of coverage not included in electronic databases

9. You want to find a book length bibliography in the SHC library online catalog for your research paper on the novel "Their Eyes Were Watching God" written by 20th century Florida novelist, Zora Neale Hurston.

Specifically, you want to find books and articles that deal with her treatment of race. (Choose the online catalog search that is least likely to work)

American fiction 20th century bibliography
Women and literature Southern states bibliography
Hurston, Zora Neale bibliography
Their Eyes Were Watching God bibliography

10. 1,079,000 adults were in United States prisons in 1995.

Which online catalog search strategy below will find the publication that contains this information?

Prisoners United States Data
Prisoners United States Facts and Information
Prisoners United States Statistics


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