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1. Novice searchers take the time to define their research topic and determine the questions that need to be explored and answered.

2. Before you begin your research you should? (Choose all that apply)
State your topic in the form of a question
Determine the key ideas or concepts you are trying to describe or prove
Ask what academic disciplines the topic fits into
Consider exploring specific aspects of the topic


3. The concept of "teenagers" and teenage culture first developed in the 1950's due to the increasing economic independence of young people. Is this statement a thesis or a fact?


4. Which of the following examples progresses from broad to narrow?
Bubonic plague, medical history, epidemics
Acid rain, pollution, ecology
Chemical warfare, agent orange, defoliants
Aviation, FAA regulations, air traffic controllers


5. Which two of these are efficient ways to focus your research topic?

Use a subject encyclopedia to gain an overview and learn key concepts of the topic
Search the World Wide Web
Take a coffee break and think about it some more

Examine the ethical or political aspects of the topic

6. Asking the question: "Do I need in-depth treatment supported by research?" helps determine the ___________ of the sources you need.
Level of scholarship

For Questions 7-9 decide whether each citation is from a popular or scholarly source.

7. Harrison, Kristen. "The Body Electric: Thin-Ideal Media and Eating Disorders in Adolescents."
(Statistical Data Included) Journal of Communication, Summer 2000 v50 i3 p119(25).

Scholarly source
Popular source

8. "Getting the Skinny on TV." Discover, Dec 1999 v20 i12 p34(1) (203 words)
Scholarly source
Popular source

9. Hogan, Matthew. "The 1948 Massacre at Deir Yassin Revisited." The Historian,
Wntr 2001 v63 i2 p309 (10105 words).
Scholarly source
Popular source

10. Matching the Type of Resource to the Type of Information.

Each pair below consists of the title of a resource and the type(s) of information it contains.
Examine each title carefully, and then determine whether or not it contains the type of information indicated.

(Check the pair that DOES NOT MATCH)

American National Biography-/-biographical, historical, bibliography
New York Times-/-current timeframe, opinions, arguments
Newsweek-/-scholarly analysis, bibliography
Statistical Abstract of the United States-/-facts, numerical data

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