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1. The unorganized and unevaluated raw material of observation or thought is called:
data or facts


2. Library classification systems attempt to shelve books together by?
year of publication


3. Knowledge reflects: (Check all that apply)
the comprehension of patterns in information
the ability to make generalizations about information
the testing of assertions about information
the understanding of causes and reasons behind information


4. Information reflects an organization of data or facts to the point that statements can be made about  them either true or false, coherent or incoherent.


5. The Spring Hill College Library uses the Library of Congress Classification system to organize materials the library owns.



6. The same controlled vocabulary can be used to search the Library online catalog and the Library periodical indexes.


7. The Library of Congress Classification System organizes knowledge into 21 broad categories. The first letter of an LC call number indicates the general subject area.


8. What is the purpose of a classification system? (Choose all that apply)
to describe the subject content of a book or periodical article
to make materials accessible in some kind of locating tool like an online catalog
to assist searchers in understanding how a specific subject fits into the larger structure of knowledge
to facilitate browsing of the library shelves


9. Which of the following do not circulate?
Materials from the Reference collection
Materials from the Reserve Desk
Materials from the stacks
None of the above circulate


10. An alphabetical listing of definitive subject terms used in a periodical index or database is called:


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