Using and Evaluating Print Resources
Lesson 5

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Handbooks, Companions, Histories, and Guides

Handbooks, companions, histories, and guides ideally seek to provide an intellectual structure that orients a researcher to the most important sources for a given subject.

These resources are single volume quick references and often deal with individual persons and their intellectual/creative output. They may be organized around periods of history, events, intellectual movements, and specific topics within a discipline.

Companions, histories, and guides published by Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press are very appropriate starting points.

The Cambridge Companion to Tennessee Williams
The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism
The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle
The Cambridge Companion to Feminism in Philosophy
The Oxford History of Islam
The Oxford History of the Prison
The Oxford History of the French Revolution
The Oxford Companion to Animal Behavior
The Economist Guide to Economic Indicators
Handbook of Computational Quantum Chemistry


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