The Production of Knowledge
Lesson 1

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Before you can successfully search for information, it is helpful to understand how information is created and organized.

Knowledge production is a complex and time consuming process. For knowledge to be produced someone must think of an idea and decide to pursue it further. Sometimes an idea takes years to germinate in a person's mind. The idea will require time to research and develop fully--regardless of whether it leads to scientific experimentation or research in a library.

In addition to the time needed to do research and produce new knowledge, a person must find the appropriate funding to pursue the research. Scientific research costs a considerable amount of money, and while research in the social sciences and humanities may cost less, both require investments of money and time.

Research is usually done by persons associated with large institutions because of the time and resources needed to produce new knowledge. Most of the research is done by persons who work for government agencies, universities, large non-profit organizations, or large corporations.

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