Defining Your Research Topic

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This assignment will assist you in learning how to pick a research topic, create a thesis statement, and develop a research strategy.

Topics (circle your choice)

Popular Music Genetic Engineering

Criminal Justice K-12 Education

Health Care Gender Issues

  1. Narrow the focus of the broad research topic you selected to a specific issue.


  3. Write down three questions about this topic that you would like to answer in your research paper.









  4. Select one (or combine a couple) of the questions above to develop your working thesis statement. Write down a WORKING THESIS STATEMENT. Your final thesis statement will probably change as you find out more about your topic. Remember, your thesis statement should summarize your main idea and present a point of view.






  6. From what perspective(s) would you approach the topic [humanistic (i.e., religious, ethical, philosophical, cultural), social scientific (i.e., political, economic, sociological, anthropological, legal), scientific (i.e., biological, medical)]?



  8. Take a look at the questions you wrote down above and your working thesis statement. Identify the main ideas and write them down as keywords.



  10. Locate two SUBJECT HEADINGS (from the Library of Congress Subject Heading books) on your topic. Write them down.