Test Your Knowledge Test Your Knowledge
  1. The Production of Knowledge
  2. The Organization of Knowledge
  3. From Thesis to Search Strategy
  4. Fundamentals of Online Searching
  5. Using Reference Resources
  6. Citing Your Sources
  7. Copyright and Fair Use
  1. Lesson 1 Quiz
  2. Lesson 2 Quiz
  3. Lesson 3 Quiz
  4. Lesson 4 Quiz
  5. Lesson 5 Quiz
  6. Lesson 6 Quiz
  7. Lesson 7 Quiz

Information Literacy Tutorial

This Tutorial is a self-paced instructional resource designed to assist Spring Hill College students master information literacy skills. The Pre-Test will help you assess your knowledge before you begin the Tutorial. The Lessons provide detailed instruction and are the core of the Tutorial. There is a Quiz for each lesson to test your understanding of the information presented. To take full advantage of the Tutorial you should read each lesson before you take the quizzes.

Apply what you have learned by doing the Assignments. Each is an actual research task. Learning how to do the individual parts of the whole research process will prepare you for the kinds of projects your professors will expect.

Helpful Handouts
  • What is a Scholarly Journal? Chart
  • Evaluation of Web AND Print Resources
  • Library of Congress Classification
  • Assignments
    Read the Lessons and take the quizzes before you attempt these assignments.

    1. Developing a Research Strategy
    2. Library Catalog
    3. Evaluating WWW Sites
    4. Subject Encyclopedias
      4.1. Write Your Own Subject Encyclopedia Entry
    5. Incorporating Statistical Sources
    6. Using Companions and Handbooks

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