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Reference Shelf

  Statistical Abstract of the United States 

  State and Metropolitan Area Data Book 1997-1998

  Search 1990 Census Data Server Includes Summary Tape Files 1A, 1C, 1D, 3A-D, Subject Summary Tape Files, Foreign Trade data, etc.

  Press-Releases (Census Bureau) Press Releases searchable by subject and date

  Statistical Briefs (Census Bureau) .PDF format 

  Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Alabama State and County Level Information (1st District)

  Alabama Profiles

  Mobile County, AL Profile

  Baldwin County, AL Profile

  Clarke County, AL Profile

  Conecuh County, AL Profile

  Escambia County, AL Profile

  Monroe County, AL Profile

  Washington County, AL Profile

  Search Additional Demographic Data for Alabama (State, County, MSA, etc.)

   Historical State Population Data, 1900-present

Various Topics

  Social and Demographic Data Includes Age, Child Care, Computer Use, Fertility, Foreign Born, Households and Families, Marital Status and Living Arragements, Migration, Race, Voting and registration, etc.

Health Insurance

  Health Insurance

Housing and Housholds

  Index of Housing and Household Economic Statistics Topics

  Housing Statistics Includes Housing Ownership, Affordability, Apartments, Segregation, etc.


  Immigration Data from the INS

International and Country Demographic Information

   International Demographic Information by Country

Poverty and Program Participation

  Poverty Guidelines, Poverty Thresholds, Research, Measurement, Federal Register References 

  Publications on Income

  Publications on Poverty

  1994-2000  "Green Book" - Federal Entitlement Programs

  Program Participation and Federal Assistance to Individuals

  Aid to Families and Dependent Children

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