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Sample Complex Search

A Complex Search combines multiple search terms across multiple search fields.  A complex search also will allow for search limits such as publication year, format or language.

Label 1 appears above the search fields.  For a complex search, the search fields are included in a drop-down menu.  The same search field may be used multiple times.  In the example above, Twain, Mark is the search term compared against the search field Author and letters is the search term compared against the search field Title.

Label 2 appears above the data entry box.  Notice the search terms have been entered into the data entry boxes corresponding to  Author and Title.  It is permissible to skip or leave blank one or more data entry boxes.

Label 3 appears above the Boolean operator fields.  In our example above, the operator AND is used to combine the separate searches Author=Twain, Mark AND Title=letters.  This narrowed the search to only those items that were written by Mark Twain AND have the word letters in the title.  Other Boolean operators include OR, NOT, XOR.

Label 4 appears next to the Search or Reset buttons.  Click Search to execute your query and Reset to clear all search terms.

Label 5 appears next to the Search Limits.  Search limits will restrict results to those items having the following qualifications:  publication year, publication language, an item type (book or journal), a format (basically the classification scheme and not the way in which the material is printed), location (in the stacks, the rare book collection, checked out, etc.)

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