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Peace and Conflict Resolution

A Select Guide to Research

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Bibliographies and Guides to Research

Breit, Marquita. Thomas Merton : a Comprehensive Bibliography. New York :
Garland., 1986. BX4705.M542 B7 1986 REFERENCE

    Subject: Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968--Bibliography

Bretzke, James T. Bibliography on Scripture and Christian Ethics. Lewiston, N.Y. : Edwin Mellen, 1997.
Z 7771.5 .E84 B74 1997  REFERENCE

    See especially the entries for 'war', 'peace', and 'nonviolence'.

Guides to Library of Congress Subject Headings and Classification on Peace and International
Conflict Resolution
. Edited by Judith A. Kessinger. Washington, DC : United States Institute of Peace, 1992.

    An indispensible first resource to facilitate subject access in library catalogs for about peace
    and international conflict resolution. Includes conflict management, conflict resolution,
    peacemaking, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, nonviolent resistance, as well as deterrence
    and militarily related information.

Kopka, Deborah L. School Violence: a Reference Handbook. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, 1997.
LB 3013.3 K68 1997  REFERENCE

McCarthy, Ronald M. Nonviolent Action : a Research Guide. New York : Garland, 1997.
HM278 .M32 1997 REFERENCE

    Subject: Nonviolence--Bibliography
    Subject: Protest movements--History--Case studies--Bibliography

Newton, David E.  Violence and the Media : A Reference Handbook.
Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, 1996.  P 96 .V5 N48 1996  REFERENCE

The Spirit of Violence : an Interdisciplinary Bibliography of Religion and Violence.
Compiled by Christopher Candland. New York : Guggenheim Foundation, 1992. 
HM 281 .C25 1992  REFERENCE

    An excellent resource covering the theological and religious justifications for violence in
    major religious traditions; ritualization, psychology and sociology of religious violence;
    and global case studies drawn primarily from the modern age.

United Nations. Blue Helmets: a Review of United Nations Peace-Keeping. New York :
United Nations Department of Public Information, 1990.  JX 1981 .P7 B62 1990 REFERENCE

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Charney, Israel. Encyclopedia of Genocide. Santa Barbara, CA : ABC-CIO, 1998.

Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics. Ruth Chadwick, editor. San Diego : Academic Press, 1998.
BJ 63 .E44 1998 v. 1-4.  REFERENCE

    Subject:Applied ethics--Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of Arms Control and Disarmament
. Richard Dean Burns, editor in chief.
New York : Scribner's,1993.  JX1974 .E57 1993 VOL.1-3 REFERENCE

    Subject: Arms control--Encyclopedias
    Subject: Disarmament--Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of Human Rights. Edward Lawson, editor. Philadelphia : Taylor & Francis, 1991.
JC571 .E67 1991 REFERENCE

    Subject: Human rights--Encyclopedias
    Subject: Civil rights--Encyclopedias

Gorman, Robert F.  Historical Dictionary of Human Rights and Humanitarian Organizations.
Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow, 1997.  JC 571 .G655 1997  REFERENCE

    Subject: Human rights--Societies, etc.--Encyclopedias
    Subject: Humanitarian assistance--Societies, etc.--Encyclopedias

Great Events from History II. Human Rights Series. Frank N. Magill, editor.
Pasadena, Calif. : Salem Press, 1992. JC571 .G74 1992 VOL.1-5 REFERENCE

    v. 1. 1900-1936 -- v. 2. 1937-1960 -- v. 3. 1960-1971 -- v. 4. 1971-1982 -- v. 5. 1982-1991.

        Subject: Human rights--History--20th century--Chronology

The New Dictionary of Catholic Social Thought. Judith A. Dwyer, editor. Collegeville, Minn. :
Liturgical Press, 1994.  BX 1753 .N497 1994  REFERENCE

Protest, Power, and Change : an Encyclopedia of Nonviolent Action from ACT-UP
to Women's Suffrage.
  Roger S. Powers, editor.  New York : Garland, 1997.
HM278 .P76 1997 REFERENCE

    Subject: Nonviolence--Encyclopedias


Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. U.S. House. Subcommittee on International Operations
and Human Rights. (annual).  Y 4.IN 8/16-15:[year]  GOVDOCS

    Subject: Human rights--Periodicals
    Subject: Civil rights--Periodicals

Dobrin, Adam. Statistical Handbook on Violence in America. Phoenix, Ariz. : Oryx, 1996.
HN 90 .V5 S833 1996  REFERENCE

    Subject:Violence--United States--Statistics

United States Department of State. Bureau of Diplomatic Security.  Significant Incidents of Political
Violence Against Americans.
Washington, D.C. : The Bureau, annual.
S 1.138/2:1995 GOVDOCREF
S 1.138/2:1996 GOVDOCREF

Electronic access:
Electronic access:

    Subject: Terrorism--Periodicals

SIPRI Yearbook : World Armament and Disarmament. Oxford : Oxford University Press.
Frequency: Annual.  UA 10 .W673 [year]  REFERENCE


The Catholic Mobile:  Peace.  Compiled by Jerry Daring.

    A comprehensive comilation of primary and secondary texts including papal communications,
    religious orders, and non-profit organizations concerned with peace making and keeping .
    Includes Nobel Peace Prize winners.

George Mason University. Institute of Public Policy. Program on Peacekeeping Policy (POPP).

    The POPP was established to understand the use of military, humanitarian, and political
    forces in the conduct of multinational peace operations.

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Guide to the Middle East Peace Process.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

    The task of the Institute is to conduct scientific research on questions of conflict
    and cooperation of importance for international peace and security with the aim
    of contributing to an understanding of the conditions for peaceful solution of
    international conflicts and for a stable peace

United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

U.S. Army Peacekeeping Institute.  Center for Strategic Leadership. Carlisle Barracks, PA.

    The PKI's efforts are grounded in the philosophy that there are three distinct dimensions of
    peace operations: the political, the military, and the humanitarian.

United States Institute of Peace Library.

United States Institute of Peace. Digital Peace Agreements Library.

United States Institute of Peace. Virtual Diplomacy Bibliography.

United States Institute of Peace Press.

    Browse the subject index of all books available from the United States Institute of Peace Press.

Indexes and Abstracts (to find references to journal articles)

IAC Searchbank. Computer workstations (On-campus only)

Ebsco-Host. Computer workstations (On-campus only)

Religion Index
. Computer workstations.

PAIS International in Print. New York: Public Affairs Information Service, 1991-1995.
H96.P32 1991-current.  INDEX

    PAIS provides bibliographic access  to public and social policy materials for subjects that bear
    on contemporary public issues and the making and evaluation of public policy.

Social Sciences Index. New York : H.W. Wilson. v. 1-current
(1974-present) H1.A3 S62  INDEX

    One of the premier indexes to scholarly research in sociology, political science,
    minority studies, urban and women's studies and related subjects.


United States Institute of Peace. Peace Watch. Washington, DC : The Institute, 1994-. Frequency: Six no. a year
Y 3.P 31:15-2/V.2/NO.6  GOVDOCS
Y 3.P 31:15-2/V.3/NO.1 GOVDOCS
Y 3.P 31:15-2/V.3/NO.2 GOVDOCS
Y 3.P 31:15/2:995/2;4-5  GOVDOCS

Electronic access: Online version:

    Subject: United States Institute of Peace--Periodicals
    Subject: Peace--Periodicals

United States Institute of Peace. Biennial Report of the United States Institute of Peace. Washington, D.C. : The Institute, 1987-. 
Y 3.P 31:1/991  GOVDOCS

    Subject: Peace--Periodicals

United States Institute of Peace. The United States Institute of Peace Journal. Washington, D.C. :
The Institute, 1988?-1994.  Y 3.P 31:15/[Volume number]  GOVDOCS

    Subject: United States Institute of Peace--Periodicals
    Subject: Peace--Periodicals.

        Continued by: Peace watch 

Online Catalog Subject Headings for Materials the Library Owns (Lookup by Subject)

Persons as subjects

Ghandi, Mahatma
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
Mandela, Nelson

Sample subjects

Arms control
Capitalism--Religious aspects
Christianity and justice
Civil rights
Conflict management--[type a country name here] 

    Example:         Conflict management--Africa
                            Conflict management--

*For individual countries   [name of country]--Politics and government

    Example:        South Africa--Politics and government

Crimes against humanity
Diplomatic negotiations in international disputes
Human rights
Human rights--[type a country name here]

    Example:      Human rights--China
                         Human rights--Guatemala
                         Human rights--Northern Ireland

Mediation--Study and teaching
Nationalism--Religious aspects
Nonviolence--Religious aspects
Pacifism--Religious aspects
Peace--Religious aspects
Peace--Study and teaching
Peace movements
Peace treaties
Peaceful change
Political persecution
Social conflict
Social ethics
Social justice
Violence--Religious aspects
Violence in children
War--Religious aspects

Sample Books Found Using Subject Headings

Catholic Church. National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Building Peace : a Pastoral Reflection
on the Response to the Challenge of Peace, National Conference of Catholic Bishops. A report on the
Challenge of Peace and Policy Developments 1983-1988.
Washington, D.C.  : National Conference of
Catholic Bishops, c1988. BX1795.A85 C39 1988 STACKS

McNeal, Patricia F.  Harder than War : Catholic Peacemaking in Twentieth-Century America.
New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c1992. BX1795 .P43 M36 1992 STACKS

Smock, David R. Perspectives on Pacifism : Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Views on Nonviolence
and International Conflict
. Washington, D.C. : United States Institute of Peace Press, 1995.
BL65 .V55 S66 1995 STACKS

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