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At the time of the dedication of the Thomas Byrne Memorial Library on June 1, 1930, during Spring Hill's Centennial celebration, a Mobile Press Register editorial said:

Thomas Byrne Memorial Library

Mr. Byrne, who had an intimate understanding of what the
College is doing today and of its constantly broadening
usefulness as a great educational center, could not have
left a more substantial or enduring memorial.... This great
modern scientific Library is not only a beautiful monument
to a thoughtful citizen and a useful factor in the life of a great
institution, but is destined to become a permanent center of
culture in this community, enlightening and brightening the lives
of many generations to come.

The library has indeed been an enduring place these seventy plus years and has enlightened the lives of several generations of students and members of the community.

The Friends of the Spring Hill College Library is an organization formed to help perpetuate that tradition. Several founding members of the Friends, Charlotte and Sam Eichold, Charmane and Lloyd May and members of the Huisking family through their foundation, have made it possible to preserve the College's rare books and manuscripts by funding the creation of a Rare Book Room. However, with rapid changes taking place in the technology of communication, cataloging, publishing, and every area of library management, much remains to be done to bring the Library into the 21st century.

You are invited to become a member, to share your ideas and to become part of the Library's progress and improvement.

The Purpose of the Friends

  1. To sustain, strengthen and further develop library facilities, collections, and services.
  2. To provide an opportunity for interested individuals to come together out of common interest in Spring Hill College and its library.
  3. To enhance involvement in and enthusiasm for the literary world.
  4. To encourage bequests and gifts of books, manuscripts and financial support for materials and projects that exceed the resources of the library budget.
  5. To assist in special library projects.
  6. To promote library/community ties that enlarge the service capacity of the library and promote effective use of libraries.

The Book Nook

The Book Nook is the Friends' own used book store. Located behind Murray Hall (near WHIL) the Book Nook has many fine hardbound and paperback books available for a low price. The Book Nook is staffed by volunteers.  All proceeds go to the Friends.

Hours: Thursdays Noon - 4 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Telephone: (251) 380-2245


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