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A Select Guide to Research and Resources

Emphasizing Contemporary and American Painting,
Architecture and Photography

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Timeline of Art History from the Metropolitan Museum

Biography, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries   **=Best starting places

**The dictionary of art, Edited by Jane Turner.
N31 .D5 1996 (Vol. 1-35)  REFERENCE

The Prestel dictionary of art and artists of the 20th century,.
N33 .P74 2000  REFERENCE

Atkins, Robert. Artspoke : a Guide to Modern Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords. New York : Abbeville
Press, 1993. N6447 .A85 1993 REFERENCE

Baigell, Matthew. Dictionary of American Art. London : John Murray, 1980.
N6505 .B34 1980 REFERENCE

Biography Index. New York, H. W. Wilson Co. (Annual)

The Britannica Encyclopedia of American Art
. Chicago, Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp.;
New York, 1973. N6505 .B73 STACKS

Subject:  Artists--United States--Biography--Dictionaries

Contemporary Artists, 2nd ed. Edited by Muriel Emanuel. New York : St. Martin's, 1983.
N6490 .C6567 1983  REFERENCE

Cummings, Paul. Dictionary of Contemporary American artists. New York : St. Martin' s Press, 1971.
ON 6536 .C8 1971 REFERENCE

Cummings, Paul. Dictionary of Contemporary American artists. New York : St. Martin' s Press, 1994. ON-ORDER

Encyclopedia of World Art. New York : McGraw-Hill, 1959-1983.
N31 .E533  Vols. 1-17  REFERENCE

Mensili d'arte : scuole, movimenti, personalita della pittura moderna. Milano : Fratelli Fabbri, 1967-70.
N31 .M3 Vol. 1-40 STACKS

Subject:  Painting, Modern

**The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Art. Edited by Harold Osborne. New York : Oxford
Univeristy Press, 1981, 1984.  N6490 .O94 1984  REFERENCE

An indespensible resource for artist biographies and with excellent introductions to artistic
movements and styles. This is THE PLACE TO BEGIN!!!

World Artists 1980-1990 : an H.W. Wilson Biographical Dictionary. Edited by Claude Marks.
New York : H.W. Wilson, 1991. N6489 .W67 1991 REFERENCE

Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions

Selected Major Art Museums, Galleries, Auction Houses from the International Council of Museums

Archives of American Art (Smithsonian)

The Archives of American Art provides researchers with access to the largest collection
    of documents on the history of the visual arts in the United States. The collection totals
    more than thirteen million items, consisting of the papers of artists, dealers, critics, art historians,
    curators, administrators and the records of art dealers, museums, and other art-related businesses,
    institutions, and organizations.

Art in the United States Capitol

Art Institute of Chicago

   The Art Institute, which comprises both a museum and a school, found its permanent home
    on Michigan Avenue in 1893. The original, core Beaux-Arts building, designed by Shepley, Rutan,
    and Coolidge, was built for the World's Columbian Exposition.

    The museum houses more than 300,000 works of art within its 10 curatorial departments. Among
    its great treasures are the legendary masterpieces A Sunday Afternoon on La Grand Jatte­1884 by
    Georges Seurat, American Gothic by Grant Wood, Nighthawks by Edward Hopper, and 33 paintings
    by Claude Monet.

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

The only museum in the United States devoted exclusively to the study of historical
    and contemporary design. The NDM investigates the uses, structures,effects and meanings
    of the products of design and their roles as forces for communication and change in our daily lives

Freer Gallery of Art

The Freer Gallery houses a world-renowned collection of art from China, Japan, Korea, South and
    Southeast Asia and the Near East. Visitor favorites include Chinese paintings, Japanese folding
    screens, Korean ceramics, Indian and Persian manuscripts, and Buddhist sculpture.

Frick Art Reference Library, Frick Collection, New York, New York.

    Housed in the New York mansion built by Henry Clay Frick, one of America’s most successful
    steel and railroad tycoons, are masterpieces of Western painting, sculpture, and decorative art,
    displayed in a serene and intimate setting. Each of sixteen galleries offers a unique presentation
    of works of art arranged for the most part without regard to period or national origin, in the same
    spirit as Mr. Frick enjoyed the art he loved before he bequeathed it to the public.

Guggenheim Museum, New York, New York.

    The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is home to one of the world's
    finest collections of modern and contemporary art. The Wright building, the youngest to be designated
    a New York City landmark, is itself one of the greatest works of the Guggenheim Collection.

Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (SI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art)

A museum of modern and contemporary art whose original nucleus of more than 6,000 works was
    a gift from Joseph H. Hirshhorn, a self-made millionaire, financier and mining magnate (1899-1981).

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York.

   The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest and finest art museums in the world. Its
    collections include more than two million works of art -- several hundred thousand of which are on
    view at any given time -- spanning more than 5,000 years of world culture, from prehistory to the present.

Morgan Museum and Research Library

    A museum and a center for scholarly research, the Pierpont Morgan Library in the heart of New
    York City, began as the private library of financier Pierpont Morgan, collector and cultural
    benefactor. As early as 1890 Morgan had begun to assemble a collection of illuminated,
    literary, and historical manuscripts; early printed books; and old master drawings and prints.

Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York

   From an initial gift of eight prints and one drawing, The Museum of Modern Art's collection has
    grown to include more than 100,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, architectural
    models and drawings, and design objects. MoMA also owns some 14,000 films and four million film stills,
    as well as 140,000 books, artist books, and periodicals, all part of the Museum's library.

National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art was created in 1937 for the people of the United States of America by a
    joint resolution of Congress, accepting the gift of financier and art collector Andrew W. Mellon.

National Museum of African Art Collections

A leading center for the visual arts of Africa. The National Museum of African Art (NMAfA) fosters and
    sustains an interest in and an understanding of the diverse cultures in Africa as they are embodied in
    aesthetic achievements in the visual arts.

National Museum of American Art

The largest resource in the world for the study of American art. The collection of works in all media
    reflects 200 years of American artistic achievement. Colonial portraiture, 19th-century landscape,
    American impressionism, 20th-century realism, New Deal projects, American crafts, contemporary
    photography, graphic arts, and the creativity of self-taught artists are featured in the museum's

National Portrait Gallery

A free public museum for the exhibition and study of portraiture and statuary depicting men and women
    who have made significant contributions to the history, development, and culture of the people of the
    United States, and the artists who created such portraiture and statuary.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Finding Journal Articles

Art Index. New York, H. W. Wilson. Frequency varies.

        The principal index for research in the visual arts. Arranged alphabetically by names and subjects

Expanded Academic Index From the Thomas Byrne Memorial Library WWW Page: Electronic Library

       A "user friendly" place to start. Use the "Limit" feature to locate scholarly articles. Use the "Full-text"
        feature to retrieve electronic text of selected (20%) of articles.

Art Journals Held by SHC

The American art journal
. New York, Kennedy Galleries and Israel Sack, inc.
Frequency: Semiannual. 1975-Present. N6505 .A618 PERIODICAL

    Art, American—Periodicals

Art history. Oxford, etc. New York, etc. Basil Blackwell, etc.
Frequency: Quarterly. 1979-Present
N1  .A75 


Art in America. New York, Brandt Art Publications. Frequency: Monthly.
1967-Present. N1 .A43

Art Journal. New York : College Art Association of America. Frequency: Quarterly. 1960-Present.
 N1 .A65

    Art--Study and teaching—Periodicals

The Art Quarterly. New York, N.Y. : Metropolitan Museum of Art. Frequency: Quarterly.
1956-1973. N1 .A64


Artforum International. New York, N.Y. : Artforum International Magazine.
Frequency: Monthly (except July and Aug.). May 1982-Present N1 .A814


ARTnews. New York : ARTnews Associates. Frequency: Monthly (June-Aug. combined).
1949-Present. N1 .A6


Leonardo. Oxford, England ; New York, U.S.A. : Pergamon Press.
Frequency: 5 no. a year. 1969-1978. N1 .A1 L3

    Art, Modern--20th century—Periodicals

Revue de l'art. Paris, Comite francais d'histoire de l'art.
1972-1979. N2 .R39


Searching the Online Catalog for Materials About Specific Artists

Jump to:  Adams  | Albers| ChagallChicago |  Christo | Dali | De Kooning | Duchamp | Frankenthaler | Giacometti | Kahlo | KleeKrasner | Lichtenstein | Marin | Marisol | Miro | Neel | Picasso | Pollock | Rauschenberg | Rothenberg | Rothko | Sherman | Shapiro | Stella | Tobey | Vaserely | Warhol | Wright 

    Adams, Ansel
    Photographers--United States--Biography

Ansel Adams and the American landscape.
Spaulding, Jonathan. Berkeley : University of California Press, c1995.
TR140 .A3 S63 1995  STACKS

Josef Albers

Josef Albers from the Patricia and Phillip Frost Collection

    Chagall, Marc

Cassou, Jean. Chagall. New York ; Washington : Frederick A. Praeger, 1965.

Marc Chagall Art Gallery

Chicago, Judy

    Artists--United States--Biography 
    Chicago, Judy

Through the flower : my struggle as a woman artist / by Judy Chicago ; with an introduction by Anais Nin. New York, NY : Penguin Books, 1993.
N6537 .C48 A2 1993  STACKS

Through the Flower Homepage


Christo. The Running Fence Project - Christo. Text by Werner Spies ; translated from the German
by Kathleen Cheesmond.  New York : H. N. Abrams, 1977.  N7193.C5 S6513 STACKS

Christo (Jaracheff)

How to Read the Art Works

Stanford Presidential Lectures:

    Dali, Salvador

Dali, Salvador. Dali ... Dali ... Dali ... Text by Max Gerard. New York : H. N. Abrams, 1974.

Salvador Dali Art Gallery

De Kooning, Willem

Hess, Thomas B. Willem de Kooning. New York, G. Braziller, 1959. ND237.D334 H4 STACKS

An Painter's Testament: Willem de Kooning in the Eighties

The Late Paintings

Willem de Kooning, PBS 

    Duchamp, Marcel

Cabanne, Pierre. Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp. Translated from the French by Ron Padgett.
New York, N.Y. : Da Capo Press, 1987.  N6853.D8 C2313 1987 STACKS

Schwartz, Arturo. The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp. 2d rev. ed. New York :
H. N. Abrams, 1970.   ND553.D774 S3 1970   OVERSIZE

Marcel Duchamp

Frankenthaler, Helen

Aimee's Helen Frankenthaler Gallery

Frankenthaler: Rothko

    Giacometti, Alberto

Bonnefoy, Yves. Alberto Giacometti : a Biography of His Work. Paris : Flammarion, 1991.
N6853.G5 B66 1991 OVERSIZE

Kahlo, Frida

    Kahlo, Frida

The diary of Frida Kahlo : an intimate self-portrait / introduction by Carlos Fuentes: ; essay and commentaries by Sarah M. Lowe. New York : H.N. Abrams, 1995.
ND259 .K33 .A2 1995   STACKS

Frida Kahlo / Salomon Grimberg. New York : Barnes & Noble, c1997. 
ND259 .K33 G7 1997    OVERSIZE

The National Museum of Women's Art

The World of Frida Kahlo

Krasner, Lee

    Krasner, Lee

Lee Krasner. Hobbs, Robert. New York : Abbeville Press, 1993.
ND237 .K677 H63 1993   STACKS

Klee, Paul

Geelhaar, Christian. Paul Klee, Life and Work. Woodbury, N.Y. : Barron's, 1982.
ND588.K5 G4213 1982 STACKS

Paul Klee Art Gallery

Lichtenstein, Roy


Marin, John

Reich, Sheldon. John Marin: a Stylistic Analysis and Catalogue Raisonne. Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 1970.   ND237.M24 R4 Vol. 1-2 STACKS  

Marisol (Marisol Escobar)

WWW Pop Art

Grove Art Biography

    Miro, Joan

Lancher, Carolyn. Joan Miro. New York : Museum of Modern Art, 1993. N 7113 .M54 A4 1993 STACKS

Official Website of the  Joan Miró Foundation

Joan Miró Artchive

Joan Miró Art Gallery

    Neel, Alice

Hill, Patricia. Alice Neel.  New York : H.N. Abrams, 1983.
ND1329 .N36 H54 1983   STACKS

Alice Neel, American Painter (1900-1984)

Picasso, Pablo

Daix, Pierre.  Picasso : Life and Art.  New York, N.Y. : Icon Editions, 1994.
N6853.P5D2613 1994

Pablo Picasso from the Online Picasso Project (with the permission of Picasso's heirs)

Freedom of Information Act: Summary: Pablo Picasso

Pollock, Jackson, 1912-1956--Exhibitions
Psychoanalysis and art

Cernuschi, Claude. Jackson Pollock, "Psychoanalytic" Drawings. Durham : Duke University Press in association with the Duke University Museum of Art, 1992.  NC139.P6 A4 1992 OVERSIZE

National Gallery Of Art

Rauschenberg, Robert, 1925---Exhibitions

Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange. Washington : National Gallery of Art, 1991.
N6537.R27 A4 1991 OVERSIZE

Robert Rauschenberg, the art world's master jokester

Rauschenberg's Signature on the Century

Rothenberg, Susan

Art in Context: Susan Rothenberg

Collection of the Museum of Modern art of  Fort Worth

Rothko, Mark, 1903-1970
Painters--United States--Biography
Abstract expressionism--United States

Anfam, David. Rothko : the works on canvas. New Haven : Yale University Press, 1998. ND 237 .R725 A6 1998  STACKS

Breslin, James E. B. Mark Rothko : a Biography. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1993.
ND237.R725 B74 1993 STACKS

Mark Rothko from the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas

Shapiro, Miriam

    Sherman, Cindy
    Photography, Artistic

Cindy Sherman / with an introduction by Peter Schjeldahl ; and an afterword by I. Michael Danoff. New York : Pantheon Books, 1984.
TR654 .S477 1984    STACKS

from Masters of Photography (atricles, photographs, resources)

Stella, Frank
Painters--United States--Biography

Guberman, Sidney. Frank Stella : an Illustrated Biography. New York : Rizzoli International, 1995.
ND237 .S683 G83 1995 OVERSIZE

The Frank Stella Project

Tobey, Mark

Seitz, William Chapin. Mark Tobey. New York, Museum of Modern Art : Doubleday,   1962.
Bibliography note: Selected bibliography, p. 100-105.  ND237.T56 S4   STACKS

Voctor Vaserely

Warhol, Andy --Criticism and interpretation

Smith, Patrick S. Andy Warhol's Art and Films. Ann Arbor, Mich. : UMI Research Press,  1986.
NX512.W37 S6 1986 STACKS

Andy Warhol Museum

Wright, Frank Lloyd

Wright, Olgivanna Lloyd. Frank Lloyd Wright: His Life, His Work, His Words. New York, Horizon Press, 1966.
NA737.W7 W725 STACKS

The Life and Work of Frank Lloyd Wright from the Public Broadcasting Service.

Searching the Online Catalog for Materials About Specific Artistic Movements, Historical Periods, Schools, etc.

|Abstract Art | Abstract Expressionism |Bauhaus | Conceptual art | Cubism |Dadaism | Japanese Influences | Minimalism+ | Op Art |Pop Art | Postmodernism | Primitivism |Surrealism |

Library of Congress Subject:
Abstract expressionism--United States
Painting, American

Kingsley, April. The Turning point : the Abstract Epressionists and the Transformation of American Art.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 1992. ND212.5.A25 K56 1992 STACKS


Bauhaus-Archive Museum of Design 

    The holdings of the Bauhaus Archive cover various fields of collection, providing a 
unique documentation on the history of the Bauhaus, and  understanding of
    the achievements of the school in the domains of art, education, architecture, and design.

Hochman, Elaine S. Bauhaus : crucible of modernism. New York : Fromm International, 1997. N 332 .G33 B4455 1997 STACKS

Whitford, Frank. The Bauhaus : masters and students by themselves. 
Woodstock, N.Y. : Overlook, 1993. N 332 .G33 B487 1993 OVERSIZE

Dessau, Germany

Conceptual art--United States

Morgan, Robert C. Conceptual Art : an American Perspective. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, 1994.
N6512.5 .C64 M67 1994 STACKS

Library of Congress Subject:
Primitivism in art
Art, Abstract

Harrison, Charles. Primitivism, Cubism, Abstraction : the Early Twentieth Century. New Haven : Yale
University Press, in association with the Open University, 1993. N6494.P7 H37 1993 STACKS


Rubin, William Stanley. Dada, Surrealism, and Their Heritage. New York : Museum of Modern
Art, 1968.  N6490 .R77 STACKS

Artists of Dadaism from DaDa Online (by John Buell)

International Dada Archive

Library of Congress Subject:
Pop art--History

Livingstone, Marco. Pop Art : a Continuing History. New York : H.N. Abrams, 1990.
N6494.P6 L58 1990 STACKS

Web Index of Pop Artists

Library of Congress Subject:
Happening (Art)--United States
Artists as authors--United States

American Artists on Art from 1940 to 1980
. Edited by Ellen H. Johnson. New York : Harper & Row,
1982. N6512 .A586 1982 STACKS

Library of Congress Subject:
Art, Modern--Japanese influences

Berger, Klaus. Japonisme in Western Painting from Whistler to Matisse. Cambridge ; New York :
Cambridge University Press, 1992. N6447 .B4813 1992 STACKS

Optical art

Barrett, Cyril. Op art. New York, Viking Press, 1970.  N6494.O6 B28 1970B STACKS

Library of Congress Subject:
Arts, Modern--20th Century
    Postmodernism--United States
    Postmodernism--Europe motives

Sandler, Irving. Art of the Postmodern Era : from the Late 1960s to the Early 1990s. New York :
IconEditions, c1996. N6512 .S2553 1996 STACKS

Library of Congress Subject:
    Avant-garde (Aesthetics)--United States--History--20th century--Themes, motives

Pincus-Witten, Robert. Postminimalism into Maximalism : American art, 1966-1986. Ann Arbor, Mich. :
UMI Research Press, c1987. N6512 .P493 1987 STACKS


Passeron, Rene. The concise encyclopedia of surrealism. Secaucus, N.J. :
Chartwell, 1975. NX600.S9 P7 1975 REFERENCE

Read, Herbert Edward. Surrealism. New York, Praeger, 1971. NX600.S9 R42 1971 STACKS

Bibliography of Surrealism

Surrealist Art Gallery


Johnson, Donald Leslie. Makers of 20th Century Modern Architecture : a Bio-critical Sourcebook. Westport,
Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1997. NA680 .J628 1997 REFERENCE

    Architects--Biography--History and criticism
    Architecture, Modern--20th century

Ghirardo, Diane Yvonne. Architecture After Modernism. New York, N.Y. : Thames and Hudson, 1996.
NA682 .P67 G49 1996 STACKS

    Architecture, Postmodern
    Architecture, Modern--20th century

Architectural Record. New York, McGraw-Hill.
Vol. 167, 1980-Present NA1 .A6



Szarkowski, John. Irving Penn. New York : Museum of Modern Art; 1984.
TR647 .P46 1984 OVERSIZE

    Penn, Irving—Exhibitions
    Photography, Artistic—Exhibitions

Uelsmann, Jerry. Jerry Uelsmann : Photo Synthesis. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, 1992.
TR654 .U325 1992 STACKS

    Photography, Artistic

Willis-Thomas, Deborah. An Illustrated Bio-bibliography of Black Photographers, 1940-1988.
New York : Garland, 1989. TR139 .W55 1989 STACKS

    Afro-American photographers


The American Art journal. New York, Kennedy Galleries and Israel Sack, inc.
Current frequency: Semiannual, 1991- .
Vol .18-28, 1975-Present N6505 .A618

    Art, American--Periodicals

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