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Please complete a Reserve Material Request Form for each class (not section) that will be using reserve materials.

Click here to get a Reserve Form.  (Word Document)
Click here to get Electronic Reserve Form (Web-based form)

  • Please try to place no more than 10 items on reserve. Space is limited.

  • Please submit your Reserve Material Request Form(s) to the Circulation staff as soon as possible. Although every effort will be made to place items on reserve as quickly as possible, it can take five working days to process materials and make them available to students. This is particularly true when many requests are received at once or at the last minute, when citations are incomplete, or when materials aren’t part of library collections. 

  • You may choose one of three types of reserve—two hour, one day, or three day. Please indicate whether two hour reserve materials may be checked out overnight. For a different arrangement, please contact the Circulation Supervisor at extension 3882 or 3870. 

  • All materials to be placed on reserve must be brought to the circulation desk at least five working days before the date they are to be made available to students. All items must have the following information attached: 1) name of instructor; 2) course number; 3) name of course; 4) when this item is to be available to students; 5) when this item is to be pulled from the reserve shelf; and 6) item reserve period. (This gives the technical services department time to create any new records that may be necessary.)

  • Library owned materials that may be placed on reserve include all materials that are permitted to be charged to students, as well as some special items. This includes books, government documents, and periodical issues and volumes. Items from special collections such as rare, rare-old, or reference may not be put on reserve.

  • Personal items that are put on reserve must have copyright clearance from the publisher, be in the public domain, or otherwise comply with Federal copyright law. Please refer to the copyright compliance guidelines for more complete information.

  • Reserve materials are returned to faculty or to library shelves at the end of each semester. If you wish to retain items on reserve for the following semester and doing so does not violate copyright, please notify the Circulation Supervisor before the end of the semester. Otherwise it will be assumed that they are to be returned to normal circulation.

  • If you’re unsure about copyright regulations when placing materials on reserve, click HERE to see the Library's guidelines for copyright materials.

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