Spring Hill College, original main building, 1830-1860

The Spring Hill College original main building, constructed 1830-1860

College Archives

The Spring Hill College Archives houses primary sources, artifacts, and publications relevant to the history of the college, its property, buildings, administration, faculty, and students.

The archives is located on the ground floor, northwest front corner of the Thomas Byrne Memorial Library.

Hours:  1:30-4:00 p.m.,  Monday through Friday

Phone:  (251) 380-3872

Fax:  (251) 460-2086         E-mail: cboyle@shc.edu

Researchers may use the archives in person by previous appointment.  Telephone, e-mail or mail inquiries will be responded to by the archivist, usually with a two-day turnaround.

Scope of the Collection

Primary materials have been collected and preserved since the coming of the Jesuits in 1847.  Few documents (with the exception of some letters and contracts) exist for the years 1830-1846, the earliest days of the college when it was still a diocesan college under the supervision of Bishop Michael Portier.  However, many records, even some very early ones, exist from the Jesuit years. 

Prominent among them are:

Files are maintained on outstanding students.  Files are also maintained on campus buildings and grounds.  Thousands of photographs are preserved, but most of them are as yet unsorted and uncatalogued.  (Many are in albums, so that span of years can be assigned.)

Some of the special collections are devoted to Paul Morphy, the alumnus who became world famous in chess during the last century; and Father Foley, the sociologist who was famous for his activities in civil rights causes up to his death in 1990.

Artifacts include a number of civil war items.

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